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This is inspired by my memories of the beautiful Danube river. The color palette is of course different, more nostalgic. We spent a lot of time by the river and the rail road, just being in the moment and feeling good. At that time we didn’t know that this is called oneness with all around–it was just so natural. I think children know that feeling very well. There is something very special about growing up by a river, ocean or a body of water. It stays with you for ever like an invisible anchor, always present and part of who you are. You’ll see that this is done on a Citrasolv background with minimal use of brushes, mostly working with light and shadow. The boat is as if covered by water which symbolizes the past. I left a little note in there, perhaps a letter to my self then from me now (in the future) saying that everything is magical, everything is alright.

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