Healing Herbs – Pulmonaria

You may have already guessed that this herb with beautiful flowers is used in the treatment of lung ailments. It’ s part of the Healing Herb series I’m currently working on. Abstract Floral Paintings, Abstract Flower Paintings, Famous Floral Paintings, Famous Flower Paintings, Floral Paintings, Floral Paintings By Famous Artists, Floral Paintings Images, Floral Paintings Watercolor, Flower Paintings, Flower Paintings […]
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Cone Flower

Coneflower is the common name of 10 species of herbaceous flower plants in the daisy family. Most of us know it as Echinacea, a plant that is used in herbal medicine. Echinacea is a very popular garden plant for its beautiful flowers. Echinacea, milk thistle, artichoke, hawthorn berries, and olive leaves are at the top of the list of the […]
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