Still Life with Apples

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Memories of Burano Italy

Burano Italy watercolor postcard. Watercolor and pastel hand painted on Arches paper watercolor paintings, watercolor paintings for sale, famous watercolor paintings, italy watercolor paintings, italian watercolor paints, venice watercolor, paintings of italy for sale, paintings of venice italy, venice watercolor paintings, venice painting, venice, italy water,
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Small Flowers

What kind of precious flowers grow in the secret garden of your heart? Do you keep the key to yourself or do you let friends in it? There is a special visitor that came for this painting, and I want to share it with you. Can you find the little bug? ladybug art, ladybug painting, ladybug painting on canvas, butterfly […]
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Pet Portrait of Masyanya

I enjoy painting pet portraits, and this is one I did of Masyanya, a nine and a half year old cat. Her beautiful eyes captured my inspiration to create this painting. cat portrait, cat portrait drawing, fancy cat portraits, cat portrait oil painting, cat painting, cat paintings on canvas, custom cat painting, black cat painting, cat painting face, cat painting […]
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Portrait of my Mother

This is a portrait of my mother in Presidio park, in Old Town San Diego, CA. We were fortunate enough to capture the setting sun, and show it on her face. While I was growing up, my mother always encouraged me to draw and paint. Even though it wasn’t easy to find good art supplies, she had her way of […]
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The Girl with the Pearl Earring

The Girl with a Pearl Earring is a famous painting by Johannes Vermeer, done in approximately 1665, according to Wikipedia. This one I did was inspired by the movie with Scarlett Johansson. It’s done in digital chalk. Girl With The Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeer Inspired, Johannes Vermeer Inspired Girl With A Pearl Earring, Oil Painting Of Girl With The Pearl […]
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