Fairy Tales

Beetle Joy

Bugabing Bugaboom! Summer is officially here, and we can now enjoy the gifts of this most wonderful season: the warm sun, starry nights filled with the sound of crickets, the splashing waves at the beach, long evening walks. This card represents celebration, joy and being together with those we love. May the light be with you. bug art, bug art […]
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My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady is a spring-inspired fairytale illustration for a children’s book. Art For Children, Fairy Tales, Greeting Cards, Illustrations, Nature, People And Portraits Flower Head Art, Flower Head Woman Art, Flowers Coming Out Of Head Drawing, Girl With Flower Head Drawing, Girl With Flowers Drawing, Girl With Flowers In Her Hair Drawing, Lady In The Forest Painting, Lady In […]
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Three Panel Birds

These 3 birds I painted in watercolor when I first came to the United States. They’re done with children’s watercolors–the ones that you can buy at the drug store. At that time, I didn’t know where the specialized art store was (that would have been Daniel Smith in Seattle.) The birds are from a dear to me book of Japanese […]
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Why is The Crow Black

Why the Crow is Black by W. J. Thomas One day, a crow and a hawk hunted together in the bush. After travelling together for some time, they decided to hunt in opposite directions, and, at the close of the day, to share whatever game they had caught. The crow travelled against the sun, and at noonday arrived at a […]
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The Ice Dancer

The Ice Dancer—she appears in a dream with quick flashes of light, with vague memories of magical lands, kings and queens from fairy tales. She always has a different routine and juggles all 5 elements with ease. Oh, how I want to ask her something, but she just grins at me and disappears. Is there a net that can be […]
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Girl with Flowers

Illustrating fairy tales brings me back to my childhood and those special times of reading about magical worlds, heroes, princes and princesses, animals and mythical creatures. I started reading at the age of 4 and was such an avid reader that I’d hide in the bathroom with a book just so that my grandmother couldn’t find me and send me […]
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