Memories of Burano Italy

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Abstract Hydrangea

+3 The process of creating this abstract hydrangea floral is unique and spontaneous. As an artist who works both traditionally and digitally, my aspiration was to bring out and emphasize the best of these two mediums in a pleasing image. I believe that digital and traditional art benefit and complement one another very much, and we’ll be seeing more and […]
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Three Panel Birds

+11 These 3 birds I painted in watercolor when I first came to the United States. They’re done with children’s watercolors–the ones that you can buy at the drug store. At that time, I didn’t know where the specialized art store was (that would have been Daniel Smith in Seattle.) The birds are from a dear to me book of […]
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Sea Dreams

+2 Sea Dreams by Marieta Darrah The Master splashed into the sea Her palette of brilliant tones While the little seahorse was dreaming Of bright currents and shiny new stones. A new world begins with a dream. Ново море и нов ден Морското конче сънува. Негов сън ли е това Или на странника дето пътува..(?) Палитра от брилянтни цветове Той […]
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