Mandala Cards

Mandalas make wonderful greeting cards for any occasion. Their colors, shapes and imagery can evoke certain feelings in the observer/receiver. They could be completely symmetrical or asymmetrical with unique elements embedded into the design. These 3 mandala cards from left to right express: 1) calmness, soothing, 2) energizing, expansion, 3) centering, grounding. CHOOSE FROM 4 PRINT SELECTIONS (All measurements are […]
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Suminagashi Tulip

This greeting card is a fusion between suminagashi and Ebru. Suminagashi developed in Japan, and Ebru–in Turkey. Suminagashi means ink floating in Japanese. This kind of art is quite fascinating and wonderful to experience. suminagashi, suminagashi artists, suminagashi ink, marbling ink, suminagashi art, ebru art, ebru art for sale, famous ebru artists, ebru flowers, CHOOSE FROM 4 PRINT SELECTIONS (All […]
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Balance Eastern Design

This is an abstract calligraphy art piece which shows that when balance is achieved, life is harmonious and like a beautiful flower, a beautiful masterpiece. Eastern Art Painting, Eastern Art Paintings, Eastern Flower Art Paintings, Eastern Painting, Middle Eastern Art, Middle Eastern Artwork, Middle Eastern Painting CHOOSE FROM 4 PRINT SELECTIONS (All measurements are in inches) • Hand Signed Limited […]
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