Bears by the Waterfall

Bears by the Waterfall is a painting that reflects the harmony between nature and animals. It is a spring scene and Mama bear has come out with the cubs to teach them fishing. The air is still cool, but soon the sun will melt the remaining snow, and the bears will have a lot of fun. Bear Art Prints, Bear […]
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Magical Forest

Magical Forest is a painting inspired by the art of Bob Ross. It is a place of immense beauty where everything is alive and thriving. Forest Painting, Forest With Waterfall Painting, Magical Forest Painting, Magical Forest With Waterfall Painting, Magical Waterfall Forest Painting, Waterfall Forest Painting CHOOSE FROM 4 PRINT SELECTIONS (All measurements are in inches) • Hand Signed Limited […]
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Where the Dragon Dwells

Do you have a place you escape to when your shoulders feel too heavy? Could it be your yoga studio or meditation session, your qigong practice or… your cats? Or is it a mysterious place in your imagination where you can retreat to, gaze at the moon and meet the dragon that lives in the lake. Bob Ross Inspired, Bob […]
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