Still Life

First Jasmine

+6 It’s not summer yet officially, but the fragrant jasmine blossoms in my garden remind me that the brightest, warmest season is almost here. This painting is a celebration of summer and all the yang energy it brings. The colors are bright, golden like, and it looks like this is a picture found in an old book full of someone’s […]
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Teapot and Rose

+5 When I was growing up, I had this collection of stamps of art masterpieces and I’d look at them for hours. Their colors were so soft and velvety and it made me feel like I had a small treasure. Working on this still life reminded me a great deal of those happy moments of discovering the world of art […]
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Evening Breeze

+3 The Evening Breeze is a painting in which movement is used to reveal the beauty of broken in a perfect flower arrangement. The breeze which makes the flowers alive is also the one that witnesses the end of one cycle and the beginning of another one. Everything follows a cycle—it’s a universal law. Red Rose Canvas Painting, Red Rose […]
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Red Pears

+1 “Red Pears” reminds us of the unlimited generosity of mother nature and beautiful colors we witness all around throughout the year. It is a celebration of that generosity and beauty, which we often take for granted. It is the miracle of nature, the miracle of life that makes it possible for a tiny blossom to become a juicy fruit. […]
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Still Life Pomegranates

+1 Still Life Pomegranates is exciting to the eyes with its red color throughout the composition. The unusual background and oriental elements create a feeling of mystery and a story waiting to be discovered. Asian Still Life Paintings Of Pomegranates, Oriental Still Life Paintings Of Pomegranates, Oriental Still Life Paintings Of Pomegranates For Sale, Still Life Paintings Of Pomegranates, Still […]
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