Famous People

Frida Azul

Here is one image that represents Frida free from her constant physical suffering due to the accident she had. Frida the beautiful woman in love with her husband, the passionate artist, whose art inspires many today, Frida–the enigma. Frida Kahlo, Frida Kahlo painting, Frida Kahlo portrait
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Painting Frida Kahlo

Painting Frida Kahlo is an ongoing experience itself, as there were probably as many sides to her as the number of self portraits she produced. And that is so true when it comes to self portraits. One can capture a different aspect of oneself every time. Whoever she was, she was a definitely a person of many passions, and her […]
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Kaiulani Hawaiian Princess

This is a charcoal drawing of another prominent persona, the Crown princess of Hawaii, Ka’iulani, who lived toward the end of the past century and who also did beautiful paintings herself. For her spirited beauty and magnetic personality, she was called an “Island rose,” but looking at her, she reminded me more of an elegant orchid flower. Painting is an […]
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Omar Al Gala

This is a pencil and chalk drawing of a young journalist and model who, according of a story, was asked to leave some public event as he was too good looking and was attracting too much attention. As it turns out, the story was a myth, but I liked the challenge that it presented and was happy with the end […]
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Portrait of a young Girl

I like painting portraits, and this is one of the first ones I did. It’s actually a portrait of a young actress. Asian Girl Painting, Asian Girl Portrait Painting, Girl Painting, School Girl Painting, Sunday Best Girl Painting, Sunday Girl Painting, Young Asian Girl Painting, Young Asian Girl Portrait Painting, Young Girl Portrait, Young Girl Portrait Painting, Young School Girl […]
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