Bob Ross style

The Path

Inspired by the style of Bob Ross, The Path is a deeply symbolic scene, a dream-like reality that invites the observer to sink in and relax in the moon light, and why not walk toward the top of the hill where he can begin a new adventure, or simply put an end to an unfinished story. The Path reminds us […]
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Magical Forest

Magical Forest is a painting inspired by the art of Bob Ross. It is a place of immense beauty where everything is alive and thriving. Forest Painting, Forest With Waterfall Painting, Magical Forest Painting, Magical Forest With Waterfall Painting, Magical Waterfall Forest Painting, Waterfall Forest Painting
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Where the Dragon Dwells

Do you have a place you escape to when your shoulders feel too heavy? Could it be your yoga studio or meditation session, your qigong practice or… your cats? Or is it a mysterious place in your imagination where you can retreat to, gaze at the moon and meet the dragon that lives in the lake. Bob Ross Inspired, Bob […]
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