Three Panel Birds

These 3 birds I painted in watercolor when I first came to the United States. They’re done with children’s watercolors–the ones that you can buy at the drug store. At that time, I didn’t know where the specialized art store was (that would have been Daniel Smith in Seattle.) The birds are from a dear to me book of Japanese […]
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Why is The Crow Black

Why the Crow is Black by W. J. Thomas One day, a crow and a hawk hunted together in the bush. After travelling together for some time, they decided to hunt in opposite directions, and, at the close of the day, to share whatever game they had caught. The crow travelled against the sun, and at noonday arrived at a […]
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Spring Songs

Below are musical poems I wrote. Let’s see if you can find their rhythm. (Hint: Make a short pause after the first word in each row.) Morning Bird singing in the trees Sun climbing up the sky Crowds walking down the streets Days following the nights. Moment Frog sitting on a leaf Wind slowly passing by Stars shining in the […]
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Rosemaling decorative art with its stylized ornamentation is a type of folk art that originated in Norway. Easily recognized by the C-and S-flowing strokes and vibrant colors, first it was mostly the work of the less privileged folks in the rural areas. With time, it spread around and embraced new motifs. Typically it is a floral, animal, bird, and even […]
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Hummingbird’s Delight

by Marieta Darrah The hummingbird is tireless in her pursuit of flowers. She always looks for red ones, although she may agree to visit blue or white, or green, or even blooming cacti, and if she sees a kitty then she teases him and leaves. Hummingbird Flower Plate Painting, Hummingbird Painting, Hummingbird Plate Art, Hummingbird Plate Artwork, Hummingbird Plate Painting
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White Heron

In the moonlight The White heron standing tall Dark river running. Oriental Bird Painting, Oriental Heron Bird Painting, Oriental White Heron Bird Painting, Zen Abstract Heron Bird Painting, Zen Art Painting, Zen Bird And Moon Painting, Zen Heron Bird And Moon Painting, Zen Heron Bird And Sun Painting, Zen Heron Bird Painting, Zen White Heron Bird Painting
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