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Rose Petals

+1 Rose petals is something new I tried. It falls in the category of non-representational art. I gave the painting a name for the web site listing. From it, I feel inspired to do a painting of a lady who lives in the country and harvests rose petals and lavender from the garden. She then gently places them on her […]

Flower Chatter

+1 Oh, the graceful flowers– I heard their whispers today. They were wondering about the weather Hoping rain is on its way. How the rain would soak the earth And their delicate stems would spring Up in the air filled with butterflies With bees and birds flying. And how their brilliant colors will sparkle Under the warm, glowing sun Flaunting […]


+1 I find this Cyclamen painting to be very evocative and touching when I look at it. On one hand, the plant is bathed in light, almost transparent, and on the other, there is a barrier separating it from the outside world. I wonder if the house plants ever dream of living outdoor. Many such cyclamens are planted and thriving […]


+1 Wisteria is one of my latest works and I like to think of it as somewhat abstract, as my goal wasn’t to show any details. It’s more about color and style. I find it vibrant, energizing and easy to connect with. wisteria art, wisteria painting, abstract Wisteria, abstract wisteria paintings, abstract wisteria painting, wisteria color flowers, wisteria color paint,

Zinnia’s Promise

+3 Zinnia’s Best Friend This is a story about a lonely Zinnia flower who grew up from a seed brought by the wind away from the main garden. There were many such lovely zinnias, roses and daisies nearby hidden from her by some high shrubs and wild plants. All she could see really were glimpses of butterflies’ wings far away, […]

Girl in the Garden

+4 This painting is about a girl who adores flowers. In this garden filled with magic the day lasts for ever, the sun smiles and winks from above, and the wind tells stories of far-away lands. impressionist girl in field, impressionist paintings, girl on grass painting, floral art, girl in garden painting, little girl in garden painting, girl in garden […]

Magic Flowers

+3 This Hibiscus and Plumeria (a.k.a.Frangipani) floral was inspired by a new design for a greeting card. Not only are these flowers pretty, but they have tremendous healing power. Curious about it? The light vibrant colors and the hidden message are a perfect way to say “Get Well” or “Thank you”to a friend. hibiscus and plumeria, hibiscus with plumeria medium, […]

Frida Azul

+3 Here is one image that represents Frida free from her constant physical suffering due to the accident she had. Frida the beautiful woman in love with her husband, the passionate artist, whose art inspires many today, Frida–the enigma. Frida Kahlo, Frida Kahlo painting, Frida Kahlo portrait

Sunflowers Forever

+2 How unique the sunflowers are! They follow the sun all day long as it moves across the sky and they themselves resemble it. Their bright petals and radiance have inspired great many artist throughout the centuries. Their seeds are delicious, and even wilted, the sunflowers never loose their charm. Here is another painting to celebrate summer and the flowers […]

Small Flowers

+3 What kind of precious flowers grow in the secret garden of your heart? Do you keep the key to yourself or do you let friends in it? There is a special visitor that came for this painting, and I want to share it with you. Can you find the little bug? ladybug art, ladybug painting, ladybug painting on canvas, […]

Beetle Joy

+3 Bugabing Bugaboom! Summer is officially here, and we can now enjoy the gifts of this most wonderful season: the warm sun, starry nights filled with the sound of crickets, the splashing waves at the beach, long evening walks. This card represents celebration, joy and being together with those we love. May the light be with you. bug art, bug […]

Abstract Hydrangea

+3 The process of creating this abstract hydrangea floral is unique and spontaneous. As an artist who works both traditionally and digitally, my aspiration was to bring out and emphasize the best of these two mediums in a pleasing image. I believe that digital and traditional art benefit and complement one another very much, and we’ll be seeing more and […]

First Jasmine

+6 It’s not summer yet officially, but the fragrant jasmine blossoms in my garden remind me that the brightest, warmest season is almost here. This painting is a celebration of summer and all the yang energy it brings. The colors are bright, golden like, and it looks like this is a picture found in an old book full of someone’s […]

Teapot and Rose

+5 When I was growing up, I had this collection of stamps of art masterpieces and I’d look at them for hours. Their colors were so soft and velvety and it made me feel like I had a small treasure. Working on this still life reminded me a great deal of those happy moments of discovering the world of art […]

Suminagashi Tulip

+3 This greeting card is a fusion between suminagashi and Ebru. Suminagashi developed in Japan, and Ebru–in Turkey. Suminagashi means ink floating in Japanese. This kind of art is quite fascinating and wonderful to experience. suminagashi, suminagashi artists, suminagashi ink, marbling ink, suminagashi art, ebru art, ebru art for sale, famous ebru artists, ebru flowers,

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