Happy Holidays Christmas card with ornament

This is my Happy Holiday greeting card. Music, stars, shimmer, beauty and golden light reflection make this what it is—a heartfelt wish to all my friends. christmas art, christmas artwork, famous christmas art, christmas art paintings, christmas art drawings, christmas art prints, Christmas paintings, Famous Christmas paintings, Christmas cards, boxed christmas cards, personalized christmas cards, deluxe christmas cards, christmas cards […]
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Song of the Daisies

by Marieta Darrah Can you walk slowly into the garden and hear the little daisies sing. Up they look toward the glowing sun and see butterflies’ wings. In their song of joy and harmony they tell stories of little ants, of birds and bees flying all around, and the neighbor’s kitty sitting on the fence. Spring makes the daisies so […]
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Girl with Flowers

Illustrating fairy tales brings me back to my childhood and those special times of reading about magical worlds, heroes, princes and princesses, animals and mythical creatures. I started reading at the age of 4 and was such an avid reader that I’d hide in the bathroom with a book just so that my grandmother couldn’t find me and send me […]
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Mariposa is an image that represents the joy, beauty, and myriad of colors in nature, and how everything is so closely connected and interdependent. The butterfly, a symbol of joy, is the queen of all this richness, enjoying her carefree journey, staying present every moment without knowing it. She sees the beauty of the flowers, she admires them and moves […]
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