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Fall Hills

+2 Working with Citrasolv treated paper is always enjoyable and exciting. With a little manipulation, this turned into a fall harvest scene, and one can feel the crisp morning air and the fields waiting for the sun to soon cover them with light–the kind of light that performs a pure miracle. Think about this miracle next time you sit in […]
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0 This is inspired by my memories of the beautiful Danube river. The color palette is of course different, more nostalgic. We spent a lot of time by the river and the rail road, just being in the moment and feeling good. At that time we didn’t know that this is called oneness with all around–it was just so natural. […]
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Country Picnic

+1 I’m not certain if Citrasolv is available in other countries, but it is a non-toxic household cleaning solution, a liquid that smells like orange. What makes it so valuable (for artists) in addition to being a good cleaner is that it can be applied on the pages of National Geographic magazine and it causes the waxy ink layer to […]
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