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Theresa’s Felix

This is Felix, Theresa’s cat and he IS famous. Period. Theresa is an artist who lives in South Africa and she is very involved in helping abandoned cats find good homes. I hope that this portrait of Felix along with the poem below would remind us once again how much we can do to help alleviate just a small portion of the suffering in the animal world. Thank you, Theresa, and thank you, Felix!

If You Give Your Heart to a Cat
(a message from the homeless cats in the neighborhood)

The few neighborhood cats that roam around–
Oh, how they want to have Their Own Person,
As it’s a myth that cats are aloof
and only care for themselves.

In many ancient and modern cultures
A cat is a blessing for the household.
She brings good fortune and happiness
And protects against bad spirits.

A cat is a also a healer for those
Who worry about their health.
Science claims her purr’s vibration
can help your heart work better.

But the best part of all
Is sitting at the porch with your soft cuddly kitty
And waiting for that special moment
When the sun goes down beyond the horizon,

Realizing that life is just a moment
In the context of eternity,
Feeling grateful that you can love and
be loved by that little kitty cat.

So next time you see a homeless kitty
Just remember that she was left behind
And that she was once a baby kitten
That was given a shot at this life.

And like with all babies, human or animals alike
Life seemed so promising to her,
Feeling the warmth of her momma cat
Feeling safe and protected.

Remember that God loves all his creation:
Dogs, cats, animals and humans equally.
And that it’s our duty to protect and care for them all
As the keepers of this earth.

In a hot day or freezing night
The homeless pets suffer a great deal.
How easily we can forget them
Busy with our families and errands.

A kitty wants to love you and be loved
She wants to belong to you forever.
And if you just spare a can of Fancy Feast
She will never forget your kindness.

The neighborhood cats also want you to know
Not to worry about the rats.
Oh, they know their job very well
So please don’t leave toxic stuff around your house.

And, lastly, in the spirit of the holly days,
Remember to check on your “extended” family.
(Hint: the homeless kitties in the neighborhood
or a little dog left without an owner.)

Being present and mindful to all things and beings around
Is the greatest service we can do in life.
Let us be good neighbors and good keepers of the earth
And generously help pets and animals.

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