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Sugar Kitty

+1 Everything about this drawing is special, even if it doesn’t look like much to you. I took an art class from my friend artist Theresa Hardman who is an amazing teacher and human being. The name of the class is Taking a Line for a Walk. You choose an object to draw and do it slowly without lifting the […]
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+1 This is a whimsical portrait of Biscuit—one of the many cats I’ve met in our neighborhood and whom I adopted. He is always next to me no matter what I do. When it comes to cats, I can write a lot, but let me just say that Biscuit is a very very cool cat. You can see it in […]
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Theresa’s Felix

+2 This is Felix, Theresa’s cat and he IS famous. Period. Theresa is an artist who lives in South Africa and she is very involved in helping abandoned cats find good homes. I hope that this portrait of Felix along with the poem below would remind us once again how much we can do to help alleviate just a small […]
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