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0 Nature is the best story teller, and this painting is no exception. In the mid-summer day the air is filled with warmth, fluffy clouds are slowly moving in the sky, and the golden fields are stretching far and wide. The trees can see the mountains. Fir Trees And Lake Painting, Fir Trees Digital Painting, Golden Fields Painting, Oil Painting […]
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1+ Sunflowers is a painting inspired by the work of the great master Vincent van Gogh. It has a very special meaning to me, as I worked on it while recovering from a month-long flu. In the process of creating, I felt energized and as if the flowers were transmitting the healing energy of the sun into my body. Abstract […]
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2+ There is a story behind these tulips I purchased at Trader Joe’s. The story is that they lasted extra long time before their petals dropped. I admired them every day, and, like every living thing that understands the language of love, they wanted to stay and stay, and even changed their color from red to orange. Such show-offs!  Light […]
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White Heron

0 In the moonlight The White heron standing tall Dark river running. Oriental Bird Painting, Oriental Heron Bird Painting, Oriental White Heron Bird Painting, Zen Abstract Heron Bird Painting, Zen Art Painting, Zen Bird And Moon Painting, Zen Heron Bird And Moon Painting, Zen Heron Bird And Sun Painting, Zen Heron Bird Painting, Zen White Heron Bird Painting
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Where the Dragon Dwells

0 Do you have a place you escape to when your shoulders feel too heavy? Could it be your yoga studio or meditation session, your qigong practice or… your cats? Or is it a mysterious place in your imagination where you can retreat to, gaze at the moon and meet the dragon that lives in the lake. Bob Ross Inspired, […]
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