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Plum Blossom

Last day before spring Plum blossom scent fills the air. The winter blues. plum blossom art, plum blossom drawing, plum blossom painting, plum blossom painting for sale, plum blossom watercolor, plum blossom meaning, plum blossoms, watercolor painting, floral watercolor, floral watercolor painting, floral watercolor paintings for sale, original floral watercolor paintings for sale, Watercolor flowers,
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Snowdrop Spring Card

Snowdrop Spring Card Watercolor Snowdrop painting Snowdrop spring card greeting Snowdrop postcard Snowdrop greeting card watercolor flowers, watercolor floral, watercolor floral bouquet, watercolor floral paintings, watercolor floral cards, watercolor cards, watercolor birthday card ideas, handmade watercolor cards, painting greeting cards in watercolor, watercolor greeting cards ideas, watercolor greeting cards handmade, spring greeting cards, spring cards, handmade spring cards, spring card […]
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A Basket Full of Flowers

A Basket full of Flowers – The coming of spring excites and inspires as it symbolizes rebirth in nature. No wonder many cultures celebrate their New year in the spring. This is the time when we see the humble snowdrops, curious crocuses, proud hyacinths, the tall daffodils and tulips, the fragrant lily of the valley, and so many more. These […]
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