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Winter Hills

Winter Hills CHOOSE FROM 4 PRINT SELECTIONS (All measurements are in inches) • Hand Signed Limited Edition Giclee Prints offer ultra-detailed resolution and vibrant colors on premium paper – Fine Art Prints • Giclee Artist Proof (not hand signed prints) • On Canvas print with Black Canvas edge (not hand signed prints) • High Quality Poster prints (not hand signed […]
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Plum Blossom

Last day before spring Plum blossom scent fills the air. The winter blues. plum blossom art, plum blossom drawing, plum blossom painting, plum blossom painting for sale, plum blossom watercolor, plum blossom meaning, plum blossoms, watercolor painting, floral watercolor, floral watercolor painting, floral watercolor paintings for sale, original floral watercolor paintings for sale, Watercolor flowers, CHOOSE FROM 4 PRINT SELECTIONS […]
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Sea Dreams Beach House

Sea Dreams by Marieta Darrah The Master splashed into the sea Her palette of brilliant tones While the little seahorse was dreaming Of bright currents and shiny new stones. A new world begins with a dream. Ново море и нов ден Морското конче сънува. Негов сън ли е това Или на странника дето пътува..(?) Палитра от брилянтни цветове Той плисна […]
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This painting of Dragon Marina in Denmark was inspired by a photograph of a friend who used to live in the area. I was attracted to it by the big stormy sky that gives the painting a certain raw beauty. The dark and light, the day and night are shown in a dramatic dance, leaving an open ending to the […]
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