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Have you ever drawn the Ensō (Circle)? Have you practiced the Way of the brush? From the moment of simply making a circle to the point of profound spiritual experience, you’ll rediscover your own being and rediscover the world every time you complete the Ensō. Leave all thoughts behind, and do it in one movement, in just one single breath. […]
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When the Tao Blooms

When the Tao blooms there is endless celebration. The lapis sky is clear and the water is pure. The people’s eyes sparkle, and their hearts become joyful. The birds chirp in delight while butterflies fall in love with the flowers. The fish jump in the lake, and the wind plays with the cattails nearby. Oh… It has been a while… […]
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Gift is an abstract painting that can certainly be interpreted differently by different people. To me it represents a gift which is shown as the circle appearing where many lines/paths are crossing. Just like this, once in a while, life surprises us with an extraordinary gift. Can you think of such a gift you’ve received? Abstract Enso Art, Enso, Enso […]
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Rebirth is a symbolic work that depicts a point of new beginning in the circle of life. Abstract Enso Art, Enso, Enso Art, Enso Artwork, Enso Circle Drawing, Enso Drawing, Japanese Enso Art, Japanese Enso Drawing, Zen Enso Art CHOOSE FROM 4 PRINT SELECTIONS (All measurements are in inches) • Hand Signed Limited Edition Giclee Prints offer ultra-detailed resolution and […]
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