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The Ice Dancer

The Ice Dancer—she appears in a dream with quick flashes of light, with vague memories of magical lands, kings and queens from fairy tales. She always has a different routine and juggles all 5 elements with ease. Oh, how I want to ask her something, but she just grins at me and disappears. Is there a net that can be […]
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Seen Tomorrow

Seen Tomorrow is an art work in which color and shape work together in a futuristic-like composition. It was meant to put the mind at ease and have a similar pleasant experience to the one of watching fish in an aquarium. The pink and blue tones are soothing to the imagination, and the sparks of red are small islands in […]
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Red 1

Red 1 was created to resemble a decorative Easter egg and has somewhat symmetrical lines and shapes. Abstract Art, Abstract Art For Sale, Abstract Art Painting, Abstract Artists, Abstract Artists 2019, Abstract Artists 2020, Abstract Oil Painting, Abstract Oil Paintings For Sale, Abstract Painting, Best Abstract Artists 2020, Contemporary Abstract Art For Sale, Contemporary Abstract Artists, Modern Abstract Art Oil […]
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